Levels of Play

All of our leagues feature divisions which are defined bythe skill level and intensity of the players.

Registering for the proper division is extremely important.  Being in the wrong division makes for a less enjoyable experience for all involved, as it generally results in a very uneven and lobsided level of play.

If you are uncertain of the division you should be playing in PLEASE choose the lower level.  For xample if you aren't sure whether you should play Competitive or Intermediate, please choose Intermediate.

In all leagues, Sportsmonkey reserves the right to move teams to a division better suited for their level of play at any time during the season.


Recreational (Rec)                      Just for FUN, little or no league experience.

Upper Recreational (UR)            Still just for FUN with a slight competitive edge    

Intermediate (Int)                   Athletic and/or has prior league experience

Upper Intermediate (UI)           Avid player with strong knowlege of the rules and gameplay

Competitive (Comp)                  Very experienced/skilled players

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