Where is your office located?

We are located at 2020 Rusk, Houston, Tx. 77003.  We are located downtown at the corner of Rusk @ St. Emanuel right next to Cork Soakers Wine Bar and across the street from Lucky’s Pub.  We are generally here from 10am – 5:30pm  M-F.  It is always best to call first.

How old do you have to be to participate?

You must be 21 for any of our social events and for our leagues you must be at least 18 years old.

What is the deadline to register for leagues?

There is no deadline for any of our leagues. We treat them all on a first come, first served (paid) basis. We offer no preferential treatment. Whenever all of our allotted space fills up, is when we cut off registration. Some of our leagues fill quicker than others, so we always encourage people to register as quickly as possible. Just because there is space in the morning, doesn’t mean it won’t fill before the afternoon.

How do I register?

There are a few different ways to register. The quickest and easiest is to register 
through our website using a Visa/Master Card/Corporate AMEX or pay by check online. Just go to the sport you are interested in and click on it. Then click on the league you are interested in. We can also fax you a registration. You can also mail in a registration or come by our office with payment. We accept Visa, Master Card, checks and cash. There can be a combination of payments, but it must all come together and must be the total amount. We do not hold any spots or guarantee any spots until the full amount has been received.

Is the website secure?

Yes. We use a third party for our registration. They are protected and secure by Authorize.net?  If you have any questions, please call us at 713-522-0881.

Can you hold a spot for me?

We do not hold any spots. The only way to get a confirmed spot in a league is to submit a roster and FULL payment. We accept no partial payments or deposits.

Can you fit one more team in the league even though it says sold out?

Once a league is full, there is no way to just add another team to the schedule. Many of our leagues already account for a BYE week. We only have a certain amount of hours and weeks that we can play at the particular facility, and we base our capacity on that number. We do have a waiting list many times, but the only way to get off that list is if another team drops out.

What if I don't have my own team?

In most of our leagues we offer both team and individual registration. If you go to the sport of your choice and click on “upcoming leagues” you will see two different prices. The lower of the two, “INDY,” is for individual registration. If you sign up as an individual we will place you together with other individuals that sign up to form a team or we will try to place you on an existing team.  If we are unable to make or place you on a team you will receive a full refund.  If it says "N/A" it means we do not offer individual registration. You can also check out our website message board to see if any teams are looking for an extra player. You could also put up a posting of your own to try and get picked up by a team. NOTE: Individual Registrations cannot be combined to form a team.

How do I get on the same individual team as a friend of mine?

If you are signing up as an individual we can get you and your friend(s) on the same team depending on availability. If you register through our website there is a question on the registration form that asks, “Is there anyone else’s team you would like to be on.” Fill in your friend(s) name there. If you fax or mail it in, just include a note with your friend’s name. You can also always call us before we put the teams together (at least one week before the league starts). When it comes to more than 3 or 4 people it becomes more difficult to get everyone on the same team. If you are in this situation, please call our office to see if we can work it out for you and your friends. We do not allow individual registrations to be combined to form a team. (For example, if you had 12 people for football, you would need to sign up a team not 12 individual registrations.)

What can I do if I don't have my own team and you don't offer the level I want as an individual?

If we do not offer the level or league you want as an individual, you can always put a posting on our website message board. We do not offer all leagues for individuals because we do not get enough interest to fill a full team. Our message board is a great way to put your own posting to get on a team or check and see if another team has put up a posting of their own.

What can we do if we have already paid and now have a sponsor check?

This is a pretty common occurrence. Many teams will register and pay for their league so that they don’t get shut out, while they wait for a bar or company check. Once we receive the check we will refund the person that paid for the league. We will mail them a refund check in about 8-10 business days.

When can I expect to hear about my team or schedule for the league I signed up for?

We typically send out all schedules via email and post them on the website about one week before the league starts. This is all dependent on registrations and when a league fills. Individuals can expect to hear a couple days before the league starts about their team and the players on their team. It usually takes longer to get the individual teams put together.

How long in the season?

Our DH leagues are generally 5 weeks of regular season plus 1-2 weeks of playoffs.  Our single header leagues are 7-8 weeks of regular season plus 1-2 weeks of playoffs.   Some leagues are shorter, but will be specifically noted.

How long do we play for?

Most of our leagues run for one hour. We list a window of time that each league runs for, and you will play one hour within that time frame. Your game times will rotate each week throughout the season.

What if I don't have everyone of my teammates information?
In order to register, we initially only really need the captain’s information. We consider the waiver form that everyone fills out at the league to be your final roster. Make sure everyone that is on your team fills it out completely and signs the waiver form.  This can now all be done online: 
waiver form.

Why is there only a two-week schedule? When will we get the full season schedule?

For most of our leagues we start off by giving everyone a two-week schedule. This allows us to still accept registrations until the second week. It also enables us to tweak things if something comes up or there is a change in the schedule. We always have the full season schedule available online and out at the league by the second week of the season.

What are the prizes? 

The winning team from each league and level of play will receive championship t-shirts (short and long sleeve).  Sizes include s,m,l,xl,xxl and a limited amount of xxxl.

What is the sponsor bar? What if we have our own sponsor?

For most of our leagues we promote a sponsor bar. This is a place for all teams to go and get drink or food specials at a great bar close to the facility. Oftentimes the winning team will receive a free pitcher. Many teams get their own sponsors. This is acceptable. It is a great way to help defray your cost for playing in the league. Each bar does it differently, but contact the bar and see what they are willing to offer to sponsor your team in our league.

Can we change our team name?

We can change a team’s name at any point in the season. Just call or email us the change and we will make the adjustment.

Can we switch the league or level we are in?

We can switch you to another night/level/location if there is room in the league you wish to move to. Switching leagues is dependent upon availability. Once a league starts we cannot switch teams, unless we get a team to switch with you.

What is your refund policy?

NO sport leagues refunds will be issued for any requests made on or after the original start date (no matter what the circumstances). For requests made at least 7 days prior to the league start date there is a $25 cancellation fee. If a team cancels with less then a week left from the start date there will be a $50 cancellation fee. This policy also includes anyone injured and unable to play during or prior to the original start date. There will be a $20 fee for any returned checks. The $2.50 individual and $5.00 team registration fee is non-refundable even in circumstances where the league or event is canceled. All If we do issue you a refund, we will either mail you a check, which usually takes at least 8-10 business days, or we will credit the credit card used immediately (minus any processing fees). 
Credits or vouchers to a future season are occasional given in extreme circumstances. All special events are non refundable no matter what the circumstance.  This includes all tournaments, trips and parties.

What is your Privacy policy? 

Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have developed this Policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and disclose and make use of personal information.   Click here for more info on our policy.

What happens if a league rains out? When do you make your decision to cancel?

If there is inclement weather or a potential for cancellation, we update the weather page on our website and our weather hotline (713-522-0881) first.  If a league is canceled we begin by emailing and texting everyone that we have contact information for.  We also post any cancellations on our Sportsmonkey Facebook page.   We try to make a decision as early as possible, but often times weather does not break until late. We make our decisions based on what the actual weather has done/is doing, not based on forecasts or potential threats of a storm. If you are ever concerned, you can always check the weather hotline before you leave for a league. We will inform all players about how we plan on making up the canceled game.

Can we just all sign up as an individual and then form a team that way?

No, we only accept team registrations. If you have more than 3 or 4 people please contact the office before you register to assure we can get you all on the same team.

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